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What We Can Shred and Recycle

Frequently Asked Questions

Get a Quote
Give us a call or drop us an email about what you need. We can come up with a quote that works for your business and you.

The right fit

Whatever your need—one-time, ongoing, drop-off or on-site—we have a range of options to fit your business needs, personal needs and your schedule.

Regular, ongoing service:

If your business or home life demands regular shredding services, we can arrange a plan that works for you and your schedule. Contact us to learn more.

One-time service:

Even if you only need help with shredding one time, we can come to your business or home and shred your documents there. Otherwise, you can drop off your documents at our recycling depot at your convenience. You'll find our depot address here.


Our on-site shredding service is available on a one-time or ongoing basis. It's the most convenient and secure way to have your documents destroyed. We can come to your business or home and shred your documents right before your eyes, as often as you'd like.

Need a container? We can provide you with a secure, convenient 60-gallon, locked cart to store your paper until you are ready for us to shred.

Have your own container? If you store the material in your own container, we can transfer it into our tote at the time of shredding.

Scheduling is at your convenience. The minimum charge to shred at your location is based on a 60-gallon cart capacity.

Drop-off depot:

Bringing your documents to us is the most cost-effective way to have them shredded. We'll keep them in a secure, locked-down storage container until they're shredded that same evening under video-camera surveillance.

Keep in mind, the minimum charge for material brought to our recycling depot is equivalent to what will fill one of your red curbside bins. Click here for our drop-off depot location and hours.

What we can shred and recycle

Our list of acceptable documents includes:

  • Computer paper
  • White and colored paper and envelopes
  • Fax paper
  • Carbonless paper
  • Slick or glossy paper (e.g., brochures, pamphlets, direct mailings)
  • Heavily printed and coated paper
  • Manila and bleached file folders

Don't worry about removing paper clips and rubber bands from your materials. We can shred materials with those and more, including:

  • Metal fasteners
  • Rubber bands
  • Staples
  • Tape
  • Sticky notes
  • Plastic tabs
  • Wire spirals
  • Press-apply labels
  • Plastic spirals
  • White paper ream wrappers

Please don't include:

  • Goldenrod colored paper
  • Deep-tone, fluorescent dyed paper
  • Pre-consumer dyed or coated paper
  • Unbleached paper
  • Newspaper or inserts
  • Magazines
  • Catalogs
  • Stock certificates
  • Beverage labels or wet strength paper
  • X-ray film

Frequently Asked Questions

Q:      How do you protect the confidentiality of my documents?
A:      We start by ensuring all our employees have passed extensive background screening and drug tests. Documents that we shred at your business or home are transferred from your locked container to the shredder on our truck and destroyed immediately. Documents that are dropped off at our recycling depot for shredding are kept in a locked-down storage container until they are shredded under video camera surveillance. In both cases, you can rest easy knowing that that your materials will be shredded securely and in accordance with National Association of Information Destruction (NAID) standards.

Q:      What kind of container can you empty for me?
A:      We can supply you with a secure 60-gallon locked cart. Or, if you store the material in your own container, we can transfer it into our cart at the time of shredding.

Q:      What if I only need help with shredding one time?
A:      Our range of shredding services includes options for you to drop-off your documents at our recycling depot, or we can do a one-time pick-up and shredding at your business or home.

Q:      Do you have a minimum volume requirement?
A:      We can shred as little or as much as you would like. Shredding done at your location has a minimum service charge of 60-gallons per visit. Our minimum charge for materials brought to our Recycling Depot is the capacity of a red curbside bin.

Q:       Can you come to my business or home?
A:       Yes we can. Our truck has carts on board that are used to empty paper for shredding. You don't have to have a special container before we get there. We can transfer your material into our cart at the time of shredding and shred the paper while you watch!

Q:      How much do your services cost?
A:      Our costs vary, depending on the amount of material you need to have shredded, whether you're dropping it off or having us shred on-site, and the shredding frequency you require. Call or email us for a quote:
      Phone: 503-625-0725
      Email: info@Priderecycling.com

Q:      Do you need garbage and recycling services?
A:      Pride Disposal Company offers those services.
Please visit www.pridedisposal.com

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